Project 7: Housing through Social Enterprise - implications for tenants, housing providers and wider society

The Housing through Social Enterprise project will examine the experiences of tenants being housed or supported by three housing social enterprises in Glasgow. Looking across the private and social rented sectors, the research is working with:

  • Homes for Good, a not-for-profit letting agency, which also has an expanding portfolio of its own rented property.
  • Y People’s rent deposit guarantee schemes, which support people at risk of homelessness to access housing in the private rented sector.
  • NG Homes, a large community-based housing association which provides social rented housing.

All three organisations have a strong focus on supporting vulnerable and low-income households, many of which have been homeless or are at risk of homelessness.

The project aims to recruit around 30 new tenants from each organisation and interview them at 3 points over the first year of their tenancy. The interviews will be focused on the housing experiences of the tenants and also their health and wellbeing, to explore the impacts of each organisation’s approach to providing housing and supporting tenants. As part of the broader Commonhealth programme, the research will try to identify the ways in which the particular social enterprise characteristics of each organisation may be relevant to their approach and their impacts on tenants’ lives.

The first two waves of interviews are being conducted from late 2016 through to autumn 2017 – interim findings should be produced towards the end of 2017, with final outcomes from the research to be produced in 2018.

House through Social Enterprise - Report of Phase 1

House through Social Enterprise - Report of Phase 1 (Executive Summary)

GCPH Briefing Paper 52 - Housing through Social Enterprise

Project 7 Researcher: Steve Rolfe

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