Project 4: Passage from India

This project is the first of the case study based studies within the CommonHealth programme of work. The project will be focused on the work of WEvolution, an organisation supporting the creation Self Reliant Groups (SRGs). These are groups of people, predominantly women, meeting regularly providing a space for peer support, participating in savings and loans activities and sharing and learning new skills with a view to start small enterprises.

This project will address the following questions using a combination of participant observation, questionnaires and in-depth interviews:

  • What are the facilitators and barriers to the development of SRGs?
  • What is the impact of SRG membership on health and wellbeing?
  • Are there specific characteristics and processes of SRGs that can be linked to impacts on health and wellbeing?
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Project 4 Researcher: Clementine Hill O'Connor

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