Project 3: Growth at the Edge

The Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) initiative supports the establishment of social enterprises to enhance the sustainability of small, remote communities across the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.  These fragile communities face particular economic challenges and small interventions can often have significant impact on their future.  The initiative provides funds to employ a local development officer, as well as mentoring and advice in the development of sustainable action plans to support social enterprises. 

Taking an action research approach, and in discussion with HIE about their objectives and representativeness, the Growth at the Edge will identify 10 social enterprises in remote areas of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. The project will then investigate how these social enterprises affect the health and wellbeing of individuals within the communities. The project will explore how design thinking impacts on the ability of social enterprises to achieve their mission and the experience of those involved in the process to allow for a sustainable future. 

Project 3 Researcher: Danielle Kelly

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