Briefing Paper 1: The largest research project on social enterprise in the world’s best environment for social enterprise!

Briefing Paper 2: Contemporary findings from a series of Knowledge Exchange Fora held as part of the CommonHealth Research Programme

Briefing Paper 3: Project 4 'Passage From India': a summary of the key findings and recommendations

Briefing paper 4: Conceptualising the impact of social enterprise in Scotland: a platform for future research

Briefing Paper 5: No 'golden age', no 'silver bullet': what can history tell us about connecting social enterprise, health and wellbeing? 

Briefing Paper 6: Project 7: 'Housing through Social Enterprise': A summary of interim findings

Briefing Paper 7: Project 3: 'Growth at the Edge': Rural social enterprises and the impact on social isolation and loneliness

Briefing Paper 8: Project 5: ‘Focus 50+’: impact of social enterprise on the health and wellbeing of participants aged 50 plus

Briefing Paper 9: Project 6: ‘Aberdeen Foyer’: an impact journey- employee perceptions and experiences

Briefing Paper 10: Project 6: ‘Aberdeen Foyer’: an impact journey- exploring managers’ perspectives