Artur Steiner joined the Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health in 2015. He holds a PhD in the field of social entrepreneurship from University of Aberdeen as well as Master and MA (Hons) degrees in Business, Marketing and Management studies.

Artur is a social scientist who specialises in entrepreneurship and business development, with a particular interest in the social, economic and environmental impacts of entrepreneurship activities on local development. His research aims to better understand activities of social enterprises and explores operational aspects of innovative forms of businesses that bring social outcomes and can contribute to societal development. Artur also investigates characteristics and motivations of (social) entrepreneurs as agents and their impact on the wider society. In his work he has drawn on structuration theory to understand how structure and agency work together to bring about change.

Artur has participated in a number of national and international projects. His work is multi-disciplinary and thus it uses a multi-method research approaches. Some examples include an EU-funded Older People for Older People (O4O) project. O4O aimed to engage older people in setting up and running social enterprises tackling health and care service delivery issues. The project won the RegioStars 2012 Award in the category Inclusive Growth: Strategies, initiatives or projects addressing the challenge of demographic change and supporting active ageing. Moreover, for a number of years Artur acted as a Module Leader coordinating one of the Scottish Government’s Strategic Research Programme within the theme of “Vibrant Rural Communities” reviewing conceptual frameworks and methodologies and evaluating interventions to develop strong, resilient and supportive rural communities. He has also led the Capacity for Change (C4C) LEADER research programme which focused on enhancing resilience of communities that do not engage. This work led to the development of a mixed-method model measuring social and economic levels community resilience.

Artur has a track record of successfully published papers in international journals some of which received awards for best paper in their field.


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